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    I was in a car crash. I had broken glass embedded in my left eye and couldn’t see anything. The first ophthalmologist that assessed my eye said that it was an Ocular Occlusion and that they should remove my eye. My sister in-law asked Dr Anibal Manzano to come to the clinic to see me and he said: -We have to put all our knowledge in play to rescue her eye. When they performed a second surgery on my eye, they found pieces of glass still embedded there. I lost the vitreous, the iris, almost the whole eye was lost, but Dr Manzano recommended a corneal transplant and I had it saved. I feel happy being able to keep my eye. I couldn’t bear the idea of having it removed knowing that science is so advanced now. Without Dr Manzano’s efforts, it would not have been possible.


    I live in Cartagena. An ophthalmologist referred me to OCUCENTRO (Ophthalmology Centre) to have my keratoconus problem assessed. From the first time Dr Manzano looked at it, I thought: ‘I would let him operate on me!’ In June 2005 I received a corneal transplant. It has been magnificent; my life has changed 100%. I depended completely on my contacts and now I feel as good as new; I can see more clearly and closer. I thank every person who works at OCUCENTRO, because I always felt at home there.


    I started using bifocals 25 years ago. Every 2 years I had to change lenses because my vision had deteriorated. Then, I started wearing contacts, one set for long sight and another for short sight. My vision was cloudier and less sharp day by day. I went to see Dr Anibal Manzano. He recommended several alternatives of intraocular lenses and surgery. I decided to have him to operate on me and I know I took the best option; I knew I was in good hands. He is a specialist committed to his job and a great human being. I told him: ‘Dr, I am in your hands. These are my eyes and I want the best for my vision’. He put Intraocular ACRISOF IQ RESTOR LIO MULTIFOCAL in both eyes. My surgery was a great success. Thanks to Dr Anibal Manzano today I have better long-range vision; I can distinguish people’s faces, read from the Yellow Pages easily, without the weight of glasses. I feel renovated and happy with my vision.